Monday, September 12, 2011

Project Management

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my page and the continuation of my Walden University adventure in a M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology!

After an entirely too short break I'm back in class and this portion of the semester will be spent on Project Management in Instructional Design.  We're definitely getting to the serious, nitty-gritty, portion of the degree program now.

I'm definitely interested in learning as much as I can so that I can hopefully avoid many of the pitfalls I've seen in project management-I'm sure you know what I mean ;-)
Seriously though, as an instructional designer we are often expected to also be a project manager of our portion; but sometimes the overall project itself.

I'm hoping that after this course is over I will be motivated to purse a PMP or CAPM certification...or maybe I'll be smart and weight until I'm closer to the completion of this program before I start another project.

Again, thanks for following me and I hope that we learn a lot from one another this semester

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  1. Hi Audrea,

    I understand the motivation, but whether you wait or not, finding a job as a PM appears to be promising. Many business organizations are leaning towards project management to promote successful business outcomes. A Fortune magazine has identified the PM as the number one career choice (Portny, Mantel, Meredith, Shafer & Sutton, 2008). As a PM, you will be responsible for leading the project from beginning to end and must be effective at planning, organizing and controlling both known and unknown issues related to the project. I am sure your studies and degree preparation will help you to avoid those pitfalls:)

    Portny, S. E., Mantel, S. J., Meredith, J. R., Shafer, S. M., Sutton, M. M., & Kramer, B. E. (2008). Project management: Planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.