Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 5: Connectivism-Mapping Your Learning Connections

Hello everyone,

This week we started our study on the Connectivism Learning Theory as well as educating the "adult learner".  

Part 1 of this week's assignment is to create a "mind map" that illustrates our network connections. This, network connections, being a centralized idea or theme of Connectivism. People learn via the various networks they construct, and these networks then directly influence their learning. I had no idea, up until this week, that the social networking that I love and enjoy is actually part of a learning theory! There is such a wealth of information available...

My current online course is definitely based on this theme, and has proved to be interesting, as well as challenging, as I am accustomed to traditional learning theories. I haven't been in a "classroom" environment in several I am still a little "old school". 

Now there are several applications and programs available for "mind mapping" AKA concept mapping. As this was my first attempt-I chose a program that is SUPER easy to use, a web-based, freeware application called Webspiration. Unfortunately, with this application I was unable to convert the map to a .jpeg file, but I have published the document instead.  My Connectivism document can be accessed by selecting the link contained in this sentence.

Mind mapping is a great visual aid and tool and is something I will definitely use from this point on academically, personally, and professionally.  

I will update my post later this week with reflections on how my connections facilitate my personal learning and knowledge base.

A few questions for you to ponder until then:
  • How has your network changed the way you learn?
  • Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?
  • How do you gain new knowledge when you have questions?
  • In what ways does your personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?
Feel free to post your comments and thoughts!


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